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The first and unique holiday for the formation of experience for youngsters aged 10 to 19 where your son or daughter has fun, plays and meets new friends


discovering their true talents and potential and learning to use them in every day challenges

Hundreds of parents like you have already voted that this is the best course in Italy for the personal growth dedicated to today's youth

The adults of tomorrow

now need the best tools available

for growth

Because everyday they face new challenges where their achievements will determine the quality of their future


Discover what exactly is our Experience Holiday

and what it can mean to your teenager…and you!


The holiday with the experience

in addition

Fun, friends, sea, beach, games and laughter

Together with 

Discovering their talents

Discovering their real potential

Having new experiences

Working on their self esteem

Overcoming their fears

Learning how to handle their emotions and moods

Working on their capacity for building relationships

Learning how to make good decisions

Learning how to handle the change

From Summer Camp your teenager will return with an experience that he will always remember,

Better in himself and matured



The Ability to:


  • Discover his own talents
  • Acquire self confidence
  • Realise his potential
  • Communicate correctly
  • Confront major events and decision in life
  • Attain his own goals
  • Direct his potential and transfer it into attitudes and skills for his future



+Some Experiential Training

+Some Coaching  +Some Counseling +NLP

+Psychology +an Adventure

This is F.A.C.E.


An exclusive method developed by Scuola dei Talenti based on practical concrete activities incorporated in an adventurous path. Through relaxing their inhibitions and immersing themselves in the course they will discover their true talents and realise their full potential.

8 intense, unforgettable days.

The right experience

at the right time for transforming your youngsters’s Talent in concrete tools for their future





For youngsters attending Primary School

(10-13 years) : 8 - 15 July 2017


For teenagers attending Intermediate Secondary School

(13-16 years) : 15 - 22 July 2017


For teenagers attending Senior Secondary School

(16-19 years) : 23 - 30 July 2017


It was our wish from the very beginning to find a location totally dedicated to us and finally, thanks to the fact that we are more and more realising and living the adventure, since 2016 this has become a reality


the Summer Camp #17 will take place at 

Villaggio Mare Pineta 

Casalborsetti - RA

In the new village the teenagers are no longer accommodated in a hotel room but are rather in 2 story cottages complete with terrace and garden. In full experiential style they will learn how to look after their every need with complete autonomy in a place of their own

The areas are at our complete disposal which will allow us more autonomy for our daily activities and will allow our teenagers to realise the maximum from this experience.


The village kitchen is at our disposal. The Chef and all of his staff are ready to pamper and spoil us fulfilling all of our wishes. We will be able to personalise individual menus to cater for dietary restrictions of any of your teenagers.


We will have a beach area for our exclusive use in front of the village only 150 meters away.

This wonderful location, together with many other smaller ones that we have prepared, make the

Summer Camp No. 17 an unmissable experience for your teenager.


Arrange soon for a telephone meeting with one of our Family Coaches to receive all the information, the running promotions and to find out the best solution for you and your teenagers needs

Scuola dei Talenti is the first certified reality dedicated to teenagers and parents composed exclusively of accredited Professionals, Teen Coaches, Counselors, Sociologists, NLP Trainers and operates on the national territory to contribute to empowering the talents of each teenager and parent.


Thanks to years of experience and to working with over 1,000 teenagers every year we help “Tomorrow’s Adults” to realise their dreams through their talents.


It all starts with a simple truth, each of us has extraordinary potential and talents but if we are unaware of them and don't discover them we can find ourselves in a crisis situation. If, instead, we learn how to use them we can have a successful life, face the challenges awaiting us and fight for our dreams

Imagine how your teenagers future could change if they learned how to use their talents

and realise their full potential already at this stage!



We are talking about a high level experiential course developed by Scuola dei Talenti expressly for youngsters aged 10 – 20.


8 intense days of growth, fun, friendship in a safe and stimulating environment drawn by expert trainers and certified coaches: A unique opportunity.


Their future is all yet to be drawn and is built with everyday decisions. 


In a short while it will be up to them to choose but for the moment it is still up to you to decide what is best for them.


Thousand of parents have chosen our help in this ever increasing difficult decision.

According to normal quotations, without considering the benefits that you can get only at Summer Camp, a training holiday of 8 days and including overnight accommodation with full board in individual cottages, courses with certified trainers, teaching materials, private beach, sporting facilities, animators and coaches 24 hours a day, is worth over 2,000 Euro... 


Instead the investment to participate in

SUMMER CAMP #17 is only 

1.496 euro + iva


The value includes: overnight full board accommodation, teaching materials, utilising the common facilities. 


For bookings after 3 July 2017 the investment is

2.196 euro + iva

Ask for a phone meeting with one of our coaches to get full information and find the best solution for you and your teenagers needs

Why is it worth making an adolescent have coaching and training?

We assume that adolescence doesn't have to be a controversial or difficult time for everyone (for either teenagers or parents).   When approached in the right way we are looking at a wonderful time of our life when we are preparing for adulthood.


We assume that coaching and training are not only useful for those in a crisis situation.   Instead most of the time it is helpful for us to make the most of ourselves.


Whether a teenager displays difficulties in dealing with adolescence or not the fact is that in a short time he will have to face new challenges which will determine the quality of his future life.


Acquiring more self confidence, finding a balance in motivation and enthusiasm and being able to express them in excellent behaviour and habits can make the difference in everybody’s life, adolescent or not.


It is wrong to consider an adolescent as being too young to decide on improving their future capabilities as it is important to act now rather than waiting.


This is different from traditional classroom training because it is based on practical and concrete activities.   The learning process is stimulated not by trial and error but rather by having time to stop and reflect.


The attention is focused on “here and now” connecting the learning process with real life.


The activities are real and the consequences of their own behaviour is immediate.   The teaching/training method is connected to playing proving that you can grow up whilst having fun.


We note from experience that 90% of teenagers don't want to participate in our activities the first time.   This is an absolutely natural attitude, they don't know anyone, they don't understand what it is all about and would prefer to have holidays with their friends or with you.   To make you understand how important it is to “force them” as a parent I can tell you that 90% of teenagers who have been with us want to return and 95% of parents give them the opportunity to do so.

What teenagers think about us


8 days all inclusive of growth, fun, friendship in a safe environment driven by training experts and certified coaches. A unique experience.


Morning: classroom, team building, experiential activities

Afternoon: sport, beach, activity areas

Evening: organised events with animation

Bring a friend and discover a bonus

To change the world 1 person at a time is our motto but together we can make it happen quicker.


Make your friends discover this opportunity and there will be a bonus for both.

Ask immediately for information

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